Website Security Tips for Business Owners

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You wouldn’t leave your car in a bad neighbourhood without rolling up the windows and locking the doors. The same should hold true for your website. The Internet isn’t much different than a bad neighbourhood. Online criminals are lurking around every corner, waiting for an opportunity to harm websites or steal data. That is why website security should be one of your top priorities. Read this article from Barclay Simpson about corporate security.

The tips listed below should help you implement some simple security measures that provide essential protection for your site. While none of these tips are overly complicated, they can make a big difference in the security of your site. Granted, they won’t stop a hacker who is dead set on breaking into your site. They will, however, deter the average criminal since they dramatically reduce your site’s vulnerability.

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Install Software Updates Immediately

Along with updating the content management system that you use for your website regularly, you also need to keep your software updated. Hackers are notorious for exploiting security holes in software programs. To counteract this, companies that make and sell software provide patches for their customers that help fix any vulnerable points. Failing to install updates as soon as they are released could pose a major security risk by making your system more susceptible to hackers.

Updating your software is every bit as important as maintaining the back end of your website. If a hacker finds their way into a software program on your system, it could make it easier for them to penetrate your website. Popular content management systems like WordPress need to be updated regularly. This includes updating all of the plug-ins that you use on your site. Since these backend systems are used on so many sites, any vulnerabilities that are discovered can quickly be exploited. That is why protecting your site is essential.

Back-Up Your Site In Multiple Places

If your website does fall victim to a hacker, having a reliable backup to restore it from is essential. Back up your data to multiple locations, including at least one backup that is completely offline. Maintain a copy of your site locally, as well, so that you always have the information you need to restore your files quickly and easily.

Choose Your Hosting Company Wisely

The level of security provided by hosting companies varies greatly. Some hosting companies go above and beyond, providing superior protection for their clients. Others take shortcuts, often resulting in security holes that can be exploited. Research how your hosting company handles security. Make sure that they keep all of the software and programs on the server updated. Find out what steps they take to deal with any security flaws that are discovered. Companies that provide hosting primarily for businesses like Newtek put a lot of time, money, and effort into creating a hosting environment that is as secure as possible for their clients. They also have security experts on hand 24 hours a day to monitor the system and deal with any threats and in doing so protect your site and online reputation.

Control Website Access

Access to the backend of your website should be strictly controlled. Restricting access to only a few employees isn’t about a lack of trust. Instead, it is a matter of protection. People can easily fall prey to scams or hacking attempts. Granting more users access to your site increases the security risk.

When granting access to individual employees, figure out which parts of the site they actually need to use. When setting up their profiles, only permit them to access those specific areas. WordPress is great for this since it allows you to control access on a user-by-user basis.

Invest In An SSL Certificate For Your Site

SSL certificates play an important role in security. They help ensure that all of the data that moves between your website and any outside computers is securely encrypted. Having an SSL certificate is vital if your website handles sensitive information like customer details, usernames, and passwords, or payment information. Not only does this help protect your customers but it also shows them that you care about protecting their data.

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