Web Design and Development Trends that are making it Big in 2019

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In recent years, the trends of web development and design have changed – from popular to the ones who didn’t manage to leave any marks on the netizens. When talking about design and development, it’s essential to keep them at-most importance when you’re thinking of creating or even renovating your business website. There’s no harm in staying on top of the trends to battle ever-rising competition and also to sharpen your own knowledge. In fact, all the efforts spent on this will come back as rewards in your business.

Sure, there are abundant websites that are going to live almost every day. However, only less than a quarter of them manage to stay on top of the search bar results. It’s mainly because of the catchy name/slogan, content, media and outlook of the entire website. This is why over half of the business owners are thinking of renovating their existing websites to add a sense of style and develop it with any of the latest updates suitable.

If you want to be updated with the most effective development and design trends of 2019, check out the list that we’ve compiled below. Not only will they help you save time, but also let you know about the current analyzed market demands in different fields in the IT industry.

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1. Hamburger Menus:

If you haven’t already noticed, hamburger menus are improving every website’s header seasons by hiding the headings in a single bar, making more space for design. While it gives a modern look, it also makes the website for viewable for the viewers.
Why is it called hamburger? Well, it’s simple. Imagine the three lines as a hamburger – the first layer of the bun, a meat patty in between and a final layer of another bun. The analyzing effectiveness of hamburger menus in web design has many businesses amazed. It not only helped increase the traffic audience on their website but also made everything look neat. With this design tool, your readers will have no trouble in looking at the beautiful web design and also remain distraction-free. They will also find the information they need faster, allowing them to have more chances of making a comeback.

2. Typography:

Although typography has been a trend for decades, it doesn’t seem like it will end any time soon. Nowadays, it’s the smaller typography styles that are taking the high rank in designs. The difference in size text has allowed improvements in audience readability.

Other typography trend changes involve animated, highlighting, serif style, overlays, and coloring text. These days, viewers demand to view unique designs that are never done before. It also allows room for more creativity in the typography industry.

3. 3D Elements:

When talking about 3D elements, they have taken a huge leap forward in web development and designing with eye-catching 3-dimensional web elements that can be incorporated in your website. Gone are the days when flat UX/UI design was popular. Instead, now tri- dimensions are popular.

Websites should be created in a way that can correctly convey your message to your potential customers or viewers. For example, if you have a website for home-décor DIYs, chances are that your targeted audience will not appreciate a dark and metallic theme. By including the 3D trends in your website, you are likely to attract more users. With web tools like WebGL and other javascript APIs, the chances of you getting more audience is increased.

4. Virtual Reality:

The term ‘virtual reality’ is in everyone’s mouth these days. Many businesses are incorporating this popular technology in their website development and design as they give a more welcoming look than a regular website.

By adding VR technology into your website, you can make sure to give your users an exciting real-world experience, while also making them want to come back. This technology can be designed and developed by using React VR, A-frame, Unity-3D, and Unreal Engine. These are also some of the most popular VR tools that are used to create local applications and websites that tend to really stand out. Moreover, the best part is that the VR design shows its inclination towards smart devices such as mobile phones.

5. New Flat is Now Old:

For the last decade, flat has been the design that many were crazy about. However, since the start of this year, it seems to have lost its charm. Instead of bringing back the modern and stoic designs, this year has old school poppy texts coming in. In short, flat designs are out of trend now and people are going more towards 3D designs. These might include some of the old-school poppy shadow designs but audiences these days are inclining more towards the ones that make the designs feel like they are coming to life.

6. Notify With Push Notifications:

Push notifications are getting more powerful as the year goes on. Not only has it been enhancing the overall experience for users, but it has also been working as an automatic background marketer for various businesses. Although mobile applications have always been the best place to give users notifications, these days, web pages are also proving to be a good platform.

For example, on web pages, push notifications are being used to send a different kind of updates to people. These include new blog posts, social media notification, shopping websites restocking their items, etc. With this option, users no longer have to go through the ordeal getting thousands of emails in their email accounts and companies can get a chance to interact with their customers for future opportunities.


The world of web development and design that we knew before has changed significantly and might even be more complex than before. With the emerging AI trends and computer learning, users are drastically charging towards choosing modern technological interfaces where they can touch, talk, and chat in. Rather than interfaces that they can’t even see or communicate it.

While some of it might be completely new to your already existing development ideas, you won’t be disappointed once you do jump into the bandwagon of trends.

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