The Ultimate Guide To Digital Marketing Plan For 2021

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With the start of New Year, there is a new start for everything. Every year many of us takes a New Year resolution and this time let’s take a resolution to Improve our Business plan. Since it is the start of everything, therefore, there should be a fresh start to Marketing Plan 2021. In this Blog, we will guide you with the full course of developing a brand and market. If you have a particular product or want to sell an authentic product through Ecommerce, then this is the right place to learn. For a successful ecommerce business, timely service and reliability is important.

Building a Business is not an easy task but with proper knowledge, an ant can move a mountain. Well, to start a business we should have something to offer. This thing could be a product or a service depending on your understanding, chooses a product or service. In this decade everyone is busy with their work and got less time to gather or search for product or service offline. So it is the perfect time to build an online business to grow and earn. With an online business, you can minimise various costs as compared to offline stores.

Marketing Plan for 2021, all you need is a fully function website to display your product. Secondly, you required a good marketing source. Website and domain can be build easily through a website builder which we will discuss in later stages, but first let’s discuss the marketing strategies for online business. The marketing for an offline store is easily done by opening a store and distribute some pamphlets but to run a successful ecommerce business you need to ensure that the advertisement you post on the internet should be seen by an audience.

Before starting to invest in a project, you should first figure out the budget you want to invest. Getting started with the budget, always distribute your invest in two forms. One is the stocking capital and other is floating capital. This is an effective way to lead a better business. Never invest your complete capital in stocking. Secondly, determine the strategy to maximise conversion. You can do it by offering a freebie or a special discount on successful purchase. With an attractive give away tactic, you can drive plenty of potential customers to your website.

Therefore, let’s get started with building a website.

Setting up a good website with WordPress or Shopify or Woocommerce

Thinking to develop a website and don’t know where to start? Well, first you need to need to figure out the “What you Need?” When you get the answer the very next question will be “how to do it”. If you are a programmer than you can do it by coding but for a beginner, this is a next to impossible task. So help the beginner, there are various website builder companies which focus on Design and content rather than coding. The programming is done by back-end by qualified IT engineers and web builders. This can help you build a website as easy as a PowerPoint presentation.

There are many Good website builders available out of which we will discuss some popular ones.

  1. WordPress: WordPress is open source software that helps in designing a website without many efforts. It is the most popular platform to build a website with ease.
  2. Shopify: This is another popular website builder that could help you develop a website from scratch. No skills are required to design and with Shopify, you can get complete control of the site.
  3. Woocommerce: This is an extension of WordPress which uses the WordPress as a plugin with some addition features. Woocommerce is a free to use website builder, but purchasing domain and host will definitely cost some penny.

Selection of Better Hosting

Before developing a website with WordPress or Woocommerce, the first step is to give your website an address. The website address comprises two things i.e. Domain Name and a Web Host. To understand it better, let’s take an example when you browse for a website and type a URL as (, in this is the Domain name. The browser enquires the domain that where his website hosted. Web host is a physical building where servers are kept to store the data floating all over internet. Without a web host, there is no way for a person to visit your website on internet.

The website is a collection of files called webpages that are hyperlinked to each other. The web host allocated space to store these files on internet in the form of website. Various web hosting companies are available in the market you just need to choose a suitable one. Once you login with a particular web host, there you can control various parameters such as basic hosting management, resource usage monitoring, omitting and upgrading content using WordPress and even creating an email address with a domain name.

While choosing a reliable web host, you should keep the following points in mind.

  1. Performance: For a succeeding website, performance maters a lot.
  2. Optimum Tech support: A timely customer support is what everyone seeks. If you don’t have technical skills, then assign a host which can provide support in every emergency at anytime.
  3. Domain Email address: A professional look is shown by a professional email address (one with a domain name). Therefore, choose a host which offers email accessibility.
  4. Security: Since getting 100% website security is ideal therefore relay on a quality host who has different levels of security to secure the data.
  5. Uptime: It is another necessary term to understand. The uptime is the time for this your site is online. You might think that your site is always online, but that is not true. The site remains offline various times due to updates, server maintenance or repair. So choose a host which offers maximum uptime.

The Ultimate Guide To Digital Marketing Plan For 2021 | iNext Web and SEOThe Ultimate Guide To Digital Marketing Plan For 2021 | iNext Web and SEO

Types of Web Hosting Servers

  1. Shared Hosting: It is the most popular way to host a website. As the name suggest the server is shared with multiple users making it cheap and affordable.
  2. VPS Hosting: It is a virtual Hosting system in which a website is hosted in virtual dedicated servers. The main reason to use this hosting is to have a greater level of server resources.
  3. Dedicated Hosting: In this kind of hosting, you can rent an entire physical server. This means there is no sharing of resources, which makes it much more costly.
  4. Cloud Hosting: This is a new and unique way to host a website. This system has become immensely popular nowadays for a relatively new style. It is cost efficient, as you only have to pay for the resources you use. Therefore, the variable resources and be adjusted on the basis of monthly traffic.

Facebook Marketing

Facebook marketing refers to creating a Facebook Page for the communication channels to attract potential customers. This is an activity provided by the Facebook community to develop a business page of a company, organisation or a group of individuals wanting to develop a fan base. Since Facebook is one of the largest social media platform for people around the world to connect. It features nearly a billion of subscribers that could be used as potential customers to boom a business.

The Ultimate Guide To Digital Marketing Plan For 2021 | iNext Web and SEO

How to Use Facebook Marketing?

Generation a Business page is easy, but to keep it running is an actual task to understand and deal with. It is not like an ordinary profile where you can send friend request to people. These pages do not have a friend, they have a fan, and for optimise running this fan base has to be developed. In the initial stages, you can ask your marketing team to start liking the page with their personal profile. This will create an initial seed to grow. As the seedling expands, the new likes will come, which could increase exponentially depending on the content and advertisement you describe on the business page. When an individual likes a page on Facebook, then it is immediately reflected on their page and is visible to his/her friend list. This will do the additional advertisement for the page and develop branches which help to grow business exponentially.

Facebook might look a better option but it requires activeness of the advertiser also as news feed in Facebook are refreshed every hour, therefore, you need to be consistently active and post good content to attract customers. You can also link the company’s official website with Facebook to increase the online traffic on the website. This is another way to improve SEO.

Why You Should Use Facebook Marketing?

There are a billion benefits of using Facebook marketing to grow your business. Since there is no charge involve in developing a business page, therefore, it is pocket friendly. Secondly, the Facebook has a reach of more than 2.5 billion potential customers to strengthen your business. By using this marketing platform you can also create customer data base by recording email address of potential customers. Using Facebook marketing, you have to follow-up with the customer. Since the year 2021 is going to be a major marketing year, therefore, Facebook marketing is necessary for Marketing Plan 2021.

Google Ads

Google Ads is a Google based advertisement platform for advertisers to make their product or service visible. This system uses a set of keywords which appears in the Google’s search results. To pick certain keywords, the advertiser has to pay some amount. This is how Google earn money from search.

The Ultimate Guide To Digital Marketing Plan For 2021 | iNext Web and SEO

How to Use Google Ads?

To understand the concept of Google Ads, you need to understand how Google Ads works and the concept of Google Ads auction, Bidding process and some other factors such as quality score and cost per click.

Google Ads Auction: The auction runs billion times each month. When a query is run on the Google search bar, the search engine process the request and an auction is initiated to determine the AdWords position and cost per click for each advertiser.

Bidding Process: In this process, your Quality score plays a vital role. We will understand about the score in the later stages, but first, let’s understand the bidding process. In this process, the position of your Ad is determined by the Ad rank i.e. Max bid multiplied by Quality score. The cost per click is determined by the rank of Ad below your Ad divided by Quality score.  If you are the only bidder or got last rank, then you pay the maximum bid per click. On the other hand, the ones with higher rank pay lower cost per click.

Quality Score: It is a metric that Google uses to identify the relevance of your Ad to the user. The higher your score, the more money you save.

Cost per Click: This is the amount that an advertiser has to pay when an individual click on their advertisement. The amount varies in every auction depending on the number of bidders.

Why You Should Use Google Ads?

Google Ads have become popular in the recent time due to massive reach of Google. In this era, Google has escalated itself to other level. There is no other search engine having as high reach as Google search engine. Another reason to use Google Ads is that people puts query on Google only when they require solution for an issue. This is the right time to capture the customer. Helping someone in need will definitely improve your conversion. Unlike other social media platforms where people visit to relax, but their stress and elevate their joy. Google Ads is easy to control and maintain. It is suitable for every budget. If it cost a lot, then output will give even more advantage. It also gives better results than with SEO. Another advantage of Google is to build brand awareness and to earn more conversions.


For a business to run profitably all you need is a good marketing and you can get it best by using AdRoll. AdRoll is a marketer’s platform that targets the specific audience for a particular product on World Wide Web. In simple words, AdRoll is a website performance booster to targets the specific customer who needs the prescribed product.


How to Use AdRoll?

Here is a guide to use AdRoll, but before that, you need to know what runs in the background of AdRoll.

  1. Al bidding: The AdRoll is powered by an artificial Intelligence known as BidIQ which is constantly developing and improving based on millions of signals transmitted from thousands of advertisers. With the help of BidIQ, the AdRoll makes 2.5 million Predictions per second to assist AdRoll subscribers in placing the right advertisement at the best price.
  2. AdRoll Prospecting: In this step, the AdRoll searches for the potential customers by analysing the customer’s data such as viewed products pages, event registration, surveys taken and even previous purchases. On the basis of this data, AI finds the best potential customers.
  3. AdRoll Re-targeting: The conversion rate of e-commerce site lies between 1% to 2% and rest of the customers leave without making the purchase in the first time. AdRoll re-targets these potential customers and targets ads for the product they showed interest on the site. Since this category of customers already shown their interest in your product therefore, it is cost effective to convert the customers.
  4. AdRoll Email: In the recent surveys, it is cited that email is one of the most effective equipment in the marketing. The AdRoll gives an email feature in which the AI itself generates the email for the potential customers with products of their interest. For example, if a customer visits an ecommerce site and view various products. Then the browse data is stored in some data packets (known as cookies). This data is analysed by AI and it puts the exact product in the email. When a customer opens this email and finds exact same product they are interested in, the chances for the sale increases.

Why to Choose AdRoll?

AdRoll is a data-driven marketing platform that works on re-targeting existing customers. It helps the client with complete follow-up with the customer through email and online ads. It also makes sure that your ads reached the right person. For your Marketing Plan 2021, it is one of the best ways to optimise the sale.

Secondly, AdRoll have a customised design team to assist you in developing product offering dynamic ads. Perhaps this is one of the best features AdRoll gives to their clients, but it happen with some extra sum. Advertisement made by a professional is such a huge asset for a marketer to enhance their sale.

How my company will assist you?

So starting an Ecommerce website is a huge task, and various companies are involved in the process to ensure a healthy working website. Managing an Ecommerce website and online marketing along with various business management works such as procurement, dispatch, stocking, Accounting, filing, cash flow, customer service, etc. is a very tough task. Managing all this at once could be a heavy task for an individual. Therefore, to overcome this burden, our company comes into play. We deal in developing and managing Ecommerce website for the users to help them focus on customer service. A successful Marketing Plan 2021, you need a lot of help and efforts to keep up with the competition.

Customer service is an important parameter in running a successful business. If an individual can retain a customer, then he can extract more benefit from them. With a good customer service, you can achieve customer loyalty which will intern helps your business. A happy customer will always repeat business with you and recommend the business to his friends and family. This will enhance your public image and you can build a better brand. In Ecommerce website, business is run on the basis of trust and loyalty. Therefore, it is very important to give your customer a better service.

To concentrate more on customer service, we are here to help. Our company will assist you in developing and managing Ecommerce website to simplify your work so that you can focus on other things. To get a helping hand, all you need to do is just call us. You can also write us at our official email address or form. You can find our contact details below. Just write us the objective and we can start working on it. In developing an Ecommerce website there are many things you need to understand at your own but with the help of professionals like us, you can leave the responsibility in good hands. So leave the technical part to our company and boom this Marketing Plan 2021.

Final Thoughts

So are you ready to start your very own Ecommerce business? If you follow the guide properly than you will definitely achieve a successful ecommerce business. Only managing your website is not the only thing to do. The successful business is driven by a successful product. If you are launching a new product, then first study the product and give authentic details of the product on the website. Never put a false detail or improper advertisement as a bad image can spread much more efficiently than your good persona. Your Mission should be to sell a product and not to drive traffic. Building an Ecommerce business is not an easy task as it requires a lot of time, patience, and energy. So focus more on giving good customer service and leave the technical part for the professionals to develop and integrate your ecommerce business. Just reach on the phone or through email and let us know your objective. We will help you in setting a well-designed ecommerce website to sell your product at ease. Our company will not only help you with starting a website but also help you in managing online market such as Google Ads and AdRoll to run the business at great pace in Marketing Plan 2021.

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