The Role Of Technology In The Design Process

by | Mar 1, 2019 | New Technologies

The Role Of Technology In The Design Process | iNext Web and SEO

Working in the kind of field that keeps evolving, so you will always have something to learn new. You can never stop learning and achieving. You will always have something to try and fail in. New things encourage people to be master in it. Being a master in something frees your mind state and you can think with no limitations. With no limitations, true creativity comes and restrictions are broken. In that way, more and more innovations happen. Today, this imagination has given the designers much flexibility to make LED televisions, then to stick on rectangular boxes.

The modern digital display technology is easing many obstacles, either big or small, in the design process. The designers aren’t bound by the technical considerations or changes anymore.

Modern day, we have choices for settling innovation out of date with an easy approach to restore and repair at regular intervals. And when clients have an easy to upgrade route for the technology, we have an easy upgrading for design restoration.

A digital display is being a doorway to designers where technology goes away at the back and then static objects are born with the help of digital animation.

Technology plays a vital role in design. The quality and profit for the designer or producer can be upgraded by the consumption of appropriate technology. The usage of modern technology performs the tasks in effective time and reasonable cost. Electronic storage tools are making products in a better and quicker way.

Technologies used in design and production


Marketed products are quick and effective with the help of technology. Like TV, internet, radio etc.


The advancement in technology gave us mobile phones, SMS, internet, digital cameras, emails, MS word and etc.


For the research purpose, we have internet, scanners, printers, digital cameras, MS office and etc.


Keeping records of projects, expenses, and employee, technology provided us MS office especially MS Excel.


The technology used in the production

  • Sometimes in production, robots are used to make the product faster and in a more accurate way and then fewer people are involved in the production process.
  • Designers can manufacture prototypes designs with the rapid technology of prototyping.
  • The designers can make new products which are cheaper and stronger than before with the help new materials technology invent.

Advantages of technology in the design process

  • More amount of production can take place.
  • Technology lowers the expenses in all levels of production.
  • Less employment is given.
  • Electronic tools speed up production.

Disadvantages of technology in the design process

  • Machines and advancement that is used in the process are expensive at the start.
  • Unskilled employees aren’t given the job.
  • Unemployment causes society many problems
  • Machinery can be pretty expensive when it comes to its maintenance and repair.


Here some of the upgraded skills by the help of technology.

SEO and content marketing

It would be a fact if we say that SEO and content marketing have accomplished remarkable success. You need both for a well-designed marketing plan, as content marketing is the medium for SEO. A marketing plan can never be completed without SEO and SEO campaign can’t be implemented without content marketing. SEO are fundamentals to the strategy for web properties.

Logo design

Designing isn’t as easy as ABC. Designer and marketing team sit together to make a perfect logo that has a beautiful color combination with proper alignment. Logo designer put all of their efforts to make an engaging, appealing and relevant logo. Everyday technology has made changes in the logo design history so making a modern day logo is a hard task.


Being an observer and strategist, the data should be analyzed and should be refined for the customers. The data can be more refined by A/B testing which gives a better impression of your data.


Coding have a great influence on designers and freelancers, this skill makes them differ. There are front end coding and back end coding. They are used for website development. Some of the basic coding skills are HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

User experience (UX) design

The rapidly growing field in the design world is User Experience. It comes with the job opportunities for creative those who want to enter in digital space. The design should solve problems and user experience skill let you reach the bottom of the problem and gives an easy approach to the customers. Steve Jobs said, ‘Design is not just what it looks and feels like. The design is how it works’.

Business skills

Technology has made many skills for a business purpose. In business, a technology introduced a better design of spreadsheets in form of MS Excel. As mentioned above, a business also requires a basic skill of coding.


It is an essential step of the screen design process. Wireframing is used by user experience designers to allow the customer to have a friendly and approachable surface over there screen. It makes the website page easy and communicable.


Technology has made such a difference in the designing process of every product, but it’s getting easier to work with the help of latest technologies.

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