Small Business SEO: Learn The Complete Step By Step SEO Process for small business owner

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If you are a part of a particular brand or business, then you must be aware of the importance of SEO and the multiple benefits that you get upon implementing it.

It is needed to improve overall searchability and visibility. But the main motive is to understand the importance of SEO in today’s world.

The majority of website traffic is from Organic Search: Organic search contributes to the large part of website performance, and Google owns a more substantial owner of the search market significantly.

SEO builds reliability and trust. It provides better user experience and increases traffic, conversion, and engagement.

SEO provides long term strategy as well, and it also brings new opportunities as well.


Here we will provide you with steps to determine your niche in SEO:

  • Determine your niche
  • Optimize all the niche keywords.
  • Implement Google Authorship.
  • Come up with great content.
  • Use Google+ to advertise your content.

These five steps take effort & time to execute successfully and help to dominate the niche in Google.


The domain name has a great impression on the website in terms of click-through rate. You cannot ignore it.

  • Make it a Brand: Domain name should sound like a brand. It should be brandable, unique, and should stand out.
  • People should be able to Pronounce: It should be as such that people should be able to say the name with fluency.
  • Use a few characters for the domain name. Make it short so that it is easier to type and share.
  • Make it intuitive. A reliable and right domain name gives people an idea of what the Website is all about.
  • Broad keywords should be used in the domain. This is also essential from the SEO perspective.
  • Do not worry if you have to append or modify it. It is entirely alright to add prefix or suffix.
  • Target your area. If your business is local, consider including your city in the domain.
  • Numbers and hyphen should be avoided.
  • Make sure to research the domain name once you have selected to avoid copyright issues.
  • Use the appropriate domain name extension.
  • Keeping these rules in mind will make your work easier, quicker and better


If you want to establish your small business online successfully, then website platform selection is an important aspect that you should aim first. This will improve your little business reach.

The numerous platforms will help you build stable websites, such as WordPress, Magento, etc. But make sure to select the one that is compatible with the search engine.

For example, WordPress based website is fast, quick, rank on first in Google search result and at the same time is responsive.

So if you want to go for websites that are affordable, then go for WordPress based set up.


A brand always wants to secure a strong emotional connection with the customers.

Indeed, you cannot convey the company’s entire story through logo; hence branding colors provide a shortcut way.

The most common areas where you will be using your branding colors:

  • Logo
  • Website
  • Advertisement
  • Store design

Using the same colour and logo will strengthen your brand association and will create brand awareness.

Determine your brand identify, understand what different branding colours mean. Create a colour scheme.

Choose your base and then finally choose your accent.


A beautiful and well-designed website can help your business or company reach new heights. In today’s world, every company, whether it is big or small, needs to have a new website. This is gradually helping the business to expand and grow.

Here are specific guidelines to select the right web development company:

  • Analyze your requirements carefully. From looking for a developer to whether it is providing information to the customers.
  • Google listing will help you find the best web design companies.
  • Identify the company that will be most suitable for your website, including factors like cost, evaluation.


If you want to hit digital marketing goals, then get SEO optimization right first.

Small Business SEO: Learn The Complete Step By Step SEO Process for small business owner | iNext Web and SEO

  • Develop an SEO friendly website: It will allow the search engine to explore and read pages across the site.
  • Place script in HTML document: While coding your Website, make sure to externalize Javascript and CSS.
  • Crawling and Accessibility: Ensure that the search engine can crawl your site and understand what is that you do.
  • Use content that the search engine can read.
  • URL should be search-friendly.
  • Block pages that you don’t want engine indexes.
  • Don’t forget image ATL texts.
  • Regularly update pages with fresh content.


This new age is internet savvy, and digital marketing strategy has now shifted to mobile. So one should make their Website mobile friendly. These steps will make your website mobile-friendly:

Your website should be responsive. This means that the same content will be there but changes based on the device that you access.

  • Information that people look for should be made accessible.
  • Using flash is an SEO mistake.
  • Include meta tags.
  • Autocorrect should be turned on for forms.
  • Button size should be made more substantial incapacity to work on mobile.
  • Use larger font & compress images & CSS.


A responsive framework helps design the process and input of various front end features, which includes models that are required for website development.

Responsive web designs framework is owned to the fact that the website is made mobile-friendly for the users notwithstanding the size.

  • Keep your site lean. If you are not using any plugin or theme, consider removing it.
  • Optimize the images. It will improve the page weight.
  • Lazy loading code will improve page load time.
  • Additional web fonts should be removed.
  • Combine and minify CSS and javascript.
  • Using CDN (content delivery network) will speed up the pages.


On-page SEO is a practice of optimizing and improving webpages to make it rank on Google. It includes content as well as both HTML source code that should be optimized.

On page SEO

SEO helps a search engine understand your website and its content and helps to improve the website visibility in Google search results.


One of the vital elements of on-page SEO optimization is the target area selection. For this, you need to be aware of the areas that need to be targeted primarily for digital marketing.

Moreover, on-page SEO helps you to select those areas that you want to explore, and this improves and enhances customers’ reach.

Right customers mean more money, and if you master how to manage local area searches, then getting maximum and magnificent growth is not so far.

So start targeting the selected areas, and you will be able to rule the digital marketing area.


Competitive analysis is extensive research in the field of keyword and content. It contains information and analysis of all rival firms, and it is entirely legal to do it.

Just identify your top ten competitors with the help of the SemRush tool and get to know what keyword and article they are ranking for.

You can even analyze and compare your competitor content and articles, which includes blog posts, articles, Faqs, etc.

Analyze their SEO structure. So if you have some kind of content as your competitor, just update it regularly and do differently from them.


Keyword research helps you provide specific data that will help you answer the following questions:

  • How many people are searching?
  • What the people are searching
  • What information they want.

Keyword research helps you understand your target market and how they are looking for your content.

What you want to rank for and what your audience wants and is looking for is the first two essential things that need to be considered in the field of keyword research. But before that, you need to understand a little more about the customers & what terms they are searching for.


Creating high-quality content has evolved drastically. Achieving quality content is marketing goals. Quality content helps in:

  • Increase brand awareness.
  • It helps to rank well on search engines.
  • It Improves the click-through rate.
  • It helps to generate lead.
  • It helps to get more social share.

Always research for good content ideas. Good content ideas will help to make your content unforgettable. A tool like BuzzSumo will help you get the popular content idea.

Next, perform research on your chosen topic and improve it by creating audio, visuals, and images.

Apply your data and experience on the topic that you have chosen.


Info graphs have gained immense recognition on the internet. Users now get answers from images.

Info graphs can be presented in text-based content and information.

Info graphs and images make difficult topics captivating and easier to understand.

It enhances SEO efforts. Moreover, you can add a link to the info graphs and bring more visitors back to your website.

Info graphs & images raise brand awareness. More than 60% of users are visual learners, and it can be much useful in spreading messages.

It creates marketing opportunities. Just make sure that the information is relevant. It will help get more followers.


Gif (Graphic interchange format) is gaining popularity in social media. Brands utilize them to promote their product.

  • GIFs and videos are completely narrative. We cannot deny the fact that image covey 1000 words. It tells a story in an interesting way.
  • It is an excellent break to keep the readers engaged and makes it less annoying.
  • Videos and GIFs work everywhere.
  • They are entirely narrative.

Infographics and videos make the brand innovative and inventive. It makes excellent marketing content.

Apart from being highly entertaining, videos and info graphs convey the message beautifully and in a less complicated way.


Sales funnel creation is a way that seizes sales prospects then transform them form awareness of your product to interest. To define it in a more straightforward way, it is a business plan. Let’s discuss how to create it:

Identify the prospects. That is to drive interested people into the wide end of your sales funnel.

Qualify your prospects. For this conduct, a survey, and then you can begin a conversation and begin people from talking.

Apply fundamental to the sales funnel. You can send emails to get potential prospects to get interested in your product.


Technical SEO is the process of optimizing your website for crawling and indexing. It is nothing to do with the actual content of the website.

It includes all activities, excluding content optimization and link building. Technical SEO should be optimized for providing the foundation to your content.

Just rule it, and you will shine in search engine results perfectly.


An XML sitemap is one of the essential elements in the technical SEO section. An XML sitemap is a file that lists all the pages that are available on your website.

It is quite easy to optimize the XML sitemap. All you need to do is just include all the essential pages of your website in a sitemap and use Google search console to submit your sitemap to Google.

Make sure not to include in your sitemap tag pages and other pages that don’t have original content of their own. Only include pages in the sitemap that is important to your website.


SEO plug implementation allows you to easily and quickly optimize some aspects of your Website code, and then it makes it easy to be crawled by search engine spiders.

Moreover, the SEO plugin helps in social media sharing as well by taking advantage of an open graph. An open figure is a translator that optimizes your content.

SEO plugin helps to optimize the following things:

  • XML sitemap
  • txt
  • Canonical elements
  • Optimize site code and structure and many other

In short, SEO can help to grow your business and generate more traffic, leads, and sales from the web.


A redirect is a way to send both users and search engines to different URL from where they initially requested. 301 and 302 are the most commonly used redirects. Here is how to set up 301 redirect

301 is a type of redirect that moved permanently.  This is recommended for SEO. 302 is another type of redirect that is found or moved temporarily, and the third one is a Meta refresh.

Setting up Redirects

  • Open notepad
  • Copy the code in the text. Replace with the URL you want.
  • Save the file as .htaccess
  • Now upload the data to the webspace.

404 SET UP:

404 is an error that is exhibited when the server fails to locate the pages that the user has requested.

Since the user has nothing to do, they return. So the 404 page helps to prevent the users from existing your page and then motivate or encourage them to check another page of your website. 404 has many advantages:

  • Help visitors find the way.
  • Make error pages user-friendly.
  • Influence of SEO benefits
  • Helps to get new links that are engaging and interesting
  • Creating 404 is relatively easy but requires little coding and design to function.


Schema set up is a form of microdata. Once it is added to the web page, it improves description, which appears in the search result. It is a form of optimization and a more powerful one.

Schema is used for:

  • Organizations and businesses.
  • People
  • Event
  • Product
  • Reviews
  • Videos

In short, schema set up helps you provide the information that the search engine needs to understand your content.

Adding schema mark up to the HTML modifies the way the page is displayed in SERPs by improving the rich snippet that you see beneath the title page in search results.


SEO professionals would know the importance of search engine indexing. This is why they do their best to help Google crawl and index the sites properly.

Robot.txt is a file that is used to serve to search engine bots on how to crawl and index website pages.

It presents the command to different types of search crawlers, and a robot.txt has to follow a certain specific standard.

So whenever you start a new SEO campaign, make sure to go through and check robots.txt file with Google robots texting tool.

So if each and everything is right, then a robot.txt file will automatically speed up the indexing process.


Page speed is a page load time. It is a measurement of how fast your page can load. Here are some of the ways that will help you increase page speed:

  • Facilitate compression. Reduce the size of your HTML, java, and CSS file.
  • Reduce redirect. Every time you load a specific page, then your users face an additional loading time.
  • Remove all render-blocking javascript.
  • Leverage browser caching
  • Boost up server response time
  • Optimize all the images and should be in the right format. PNG is more beneficial for graphic, whereas JPEGs are generally recommended for better photographs.


Code optimization is a technique of improving intermediate code by making it consume little or few resources such as memory.

Optimization process should meet the following requirements:

  • Optimization must always be correct. It should not, in any way, change the meaning of the program.
  • Optimization should be such that it increases the speed and performance of the program.
  • The time of complication should be kept reasonable.
  • Make sure that the optimization process does not detain the entire compiling process.

Optimization should be performed at the end of the development stage as it reduces readability that is used to increase the performance.


Image optimization is all about reducing the file size of the images without compromising on the quality.

How to optimize images:

  • Images should be named in plain and simple language.
  • Add alt attributes to the images.
  • Choose image dimensions properly
  • The file size of the images should be reduced.
  • Choose the correct file type/name.
  • Use image sitemaps
  • Don’t go for decorative images.
  • Be cautious when you are using a content delivery network (CDN)
  • Test your images.
  • Optimize your thumbnail

Image optimization is a bit complex, and image SEO strategy boosts up in Google images. So make sure to optimize your images carefully.


Google Analytics is a free tool that is provided by Google. This powerful tool helps you to manage your website performances.

It also helps you to understand your customers better and also helps you to know what they are actually looking for, which further helps to modify your website.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics also helps you to understand how to keep the customers or users engaged to your website, and at the same time, you can maximize Ad campaign as well.

At the same time, Google Analytics also gives you complete insight and a pattern of your conversion rate.


A site audit is done to identify a range of website issues. It helps you to know whether your site is fully optimized for search engines, has any broken files or links, whether your website is loading quickly or not.

A site audit is user-friendly has a high and top-notched content. It is very important to conduct a regular site audit. You might not know that even after your website is generating traffic, you still want to ensure if it’s reaching its potential or not.

Make sure to add regular site audit to your process and make sure that your site is set up for SEO success.

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Off-page SEO is a work that you do everywhere apart from your website. On-page SEO also helps you to bring potential visitors and customers. The following are the part of off-page SEO:

  • Social media marketing
  • Local SEO is also the part of off-page SEO
  • Link building
  • Both off-page and on-page SEO go together.


High authority backlinks help you to rank in search engines. It is a link to your website that scores high for these following metrics:

  • Alexa
  • Moz rank
  • Domain authority

Let’s understand how to get high authority backlinks:

  • Write data-driven content and do intensive research:
  • Create infographics
  • Promote the infographics
  • Include other bloggers:
  • Link out to at least 4-5 bloggers in your posts.
  • Reach out to them and ask for a link.
  • Fix all the broken link
  • Find and fix the pages that no longer exist.
  • Compile all the list of broken URLs that links to the missing pages.


Reviews build trust among the customers. Here are a few ways to attract customers to leave reviews:

  • Speak to your customers and ask them to leave reviews.
  • Send an invitation to them through emails once they have purchased or booked the service.
  • Include a link in your current emails.
  • Put reviews link on your website so that customers can directly go and leave a review.
  • You need to let customers know that you are asking for a review.

Collecting reviews from the customer increase sales conversion and improve overall customer satisfaction. So make sure to collect a good number of reviews from the customer.


In today’s generation, you need to understand the power of social media. Social media provides an awesome and a great way for people to connect.

Apart from setting up and building a reliable company, you need to also focus on making a strong and decent relationship with the customers, and the social media platform is the best tool for that.

Your first step should be to provide relevant information to the customers and constantly manage your account and make it more informative and welcoming to the people.

Always make sure to use a light conversation note and try to keep it as informal as possible.


  1. Should SEO be done from a local agency or international agency?

You will find numerous SEO agencies. The most important thing to do while looking for SEO Company is to understand their services, and if you get what you are looking for, then it doesn’t matter whether it is local or international.

  1. What are the qualities of an SEO Company that you need to look for?

There are certain things that you need to look for. You need to look for a service package that they offer and whether those are pertaining to your needs or not, and finally, the budget needs to be considered.

  1. Can a small business website get on the first page?

Definitely, a small business website can get on the first page. Google search ranking depends upon the geographical areas that you choose to target. Focus on geographical areas, special SEO techniques, and with dedicated service, you can reach on the first page.

  1. How long it takes to improve Google ranking, especially for small businesses?

Everyone should know that SEO isn’t an overnight thing. It takes time. To be precise, it takes approx — six months to improve ranking. From understanding the function of your website to making the adjustment, SEO takes time. You need to have patience.

    1. Does small business need non-local SEO?

If you are a small business owner, then you should focus more on local SEO more. But at the same time, do not forget on-page and off-page SEO. You need to focus on them as well. Overall you need to create a strong foundation for your business online.

  1. What is the reason for the search engine to change frequently?

The search engine continuously analyses various websites and make the best ones rank on first. But since the websites are continuously changing, and so are the rankings. A search engine brings out best to the customers. Quality isn’t compromised.

  1. Is there any need to outsource for small business SEO?

If you want to stand out, you need SEO. The local population is what lives in your business. It not only helps you connect with the customers but can also convert your website into an instant money maker.

  1. Do I need a web presence if my customers are within 10 miles of my business?

With changing time, more and more people are joining the internet. Today’s generation is more technology savvy. If you choose to go online, then you need to target a much larger audience, and with Google, search engine optimization reaching the audience is no big deal, and you will get the desired results.

  1. What should a small business do in order to focus on ranking?

Full focus on target keywords and better site performance will surely give you a decent ranking on Google and, at the same time, will help you to rank on the search engine.

  1. How quick and early do SEO services for small business pay off?

It doesn’t matter whether the company is big or small, it takes a similar amount of time that is three to six months, and sometimes they take even more than that which totally depends on the competition and how well the website is performing.

Once the SEO strategy starts, constant keyword monitoring, and on going starts in full swing, then it will surely pay off.


Search engine optimization is an ever-growing process, and for good results, you need to focus on each one of them. But make sure not to over-optimize it.

There is more to what we do; some of it is a secret recipe that helps fuel our success online. If you want to dominate your niche, contact us today.

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