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Website Support, Maintenance, and Optimization

Releasing your digital product or service is just the beginning. Once launched, collecting quantitative user data can drive continued improvement. Our website support, maintenance, and optimization services are designed to help you reach new heights.

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 Website Support

If you need additional features, ongoing consultations, or just someone to call when you have a question, we offer retainer-based website support packages to keep you moving toward continued success. We understand that managing and maintaining a digital product or service is both challenging and a long-term commitment. We’re here to help. Website support packages are customized to each client’s unique needs. We’ll help you figure out what’s best.


A neglected website can lead to scores of security and functionality issues over time. Out-of-date plugins or software can make your digital product difficult to use, cause you to lose data, or, worse yet, leave your site vulnerable to hackers. Our basic monthly maintenance package covers most clients’ needs for a baseline hardening against these issues. It includes:

  • Software updates: We update software, plugins, your content management system, and so on every two weeks, to provide a baseline safeguard against security vulnerabilities.
  • Data backups: We provide regular site and database backups, which means if your site does actually get hacked you can roll back to a recent clean version quickly.
  • Site logging & notifications: Because we log all the services your site needs—domain registration, security certificates, etc.—you will get notices from us when things are set to expire as well as when we make software updates.
  • Green web hosting: Our basic maintenance package also includes green web hosting powered by renewable energy.
  • If you have additional, unique needs, we’re happy to discuss creating a custom package for you.


Web design | SEO | PPC | Digital Marketing


After launch, websites or digital products begin collecting valuable data on your users. This offers a wonderful opportunity to target their specific needs and in turn better achieve your goals.

Here are some ways in which we help our clients improve on goal and site performance over time.

  • Analytics consulting & customization: Website analytics offer great insights out of the gate, but the data they track is only as useful as the amount of effort you put into customization and benchmarking.
  • Conversion rate optimization: Pages not converting like they’re supposed to? We can help you identify ways to improve performance and increase conversions.
  • Performance optimization: Nearly half of customers will abandon a website that doesn’t load in less than two seconds. Make sure your site isn’t one of those.
  • Search engine optimization: Are customers finding you based on the search terms they use? If not, perhaps your site needs an SEO audit and some improvements under the hood.
  • Accessibility testing: Ensuring your site works well for users with disabilities isn’t just a smart practice, for many organizations it’s the law.
  • A/B & multivariate testing: Content and design choices matter to users. Test different options and choose those that best resonate with your audience.

Not sure which of the above you might need help with? Get in touch and we’ll help you figure it out.