SEO And PPC, Which Is Right For Your Business

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SEO And PPC, Which Is Right For Your Business | iNext Web and SEO

Those who say that they can get you the traffic on your website, you should ask them how. Because most of the digital marketing companies which provide different marketing services like social media and the designing services like professional web design would try to take the digital marketing job for your company. Moreover, they may get you the amount of traffic on your website which you want. But what about the leads. You are not going to pay your employees or run your business just through the traffic. You need the leads so you can earn something from it and can run the operations of your company. That is why asking how is important for you even when someone gets you traffic on your website.

Another reason why asking this question is important that it will tell you that are you investing your capital smartly or you are paying excessively for a job which can be performed by much less investment through a different method. This is where knowing about either the SEO or the PPC, which is right for your business.

In the next lines of this article, I am going to tell you the things about the two most used methods of digital marketing which are SEO and PPC which will help you in deciding which method is right for your business.

PPC is expensive than the SEO:

The PPC or the Paid Per Click method is way more expensive than the Search Engine Optimization (SEO). That is why the traffic that you generate from the SEO is called organic, and the traffic which you generate from the PPC is called the paid one. In the SEO you will only get charged by the digital marketing company, and they will work for your website to take it on the top of the Google search engine ranking page without paying it anything. Conversely, in the PPC you will not only have to pay the company for their services, but you also have to pay an additional amount for Google PPC which the company will give to Google to show your website as the ad on the Google search engine ranking page.

Do you have time?

Another point which you should consider before deciding between the SEO and the PPC is time. If you choose to go with the SEO, you will have to be asked by the company to wait at least six months before you start getting any substantial traffic or lead on your website if your website is new. Because the process of SEO is long and it takes months and in some cases years to take your website in the top rankings of the search engine results. On the other side, you can get your website to the top just by paying enough money to Google and Google will run it as its ad on the top 3 or 5 results of the search.

The quality of your website:

Consider your quality of the website too before deciding. If you choose the PPC, then they will only ask for the admin panel access of your website and start doing the paid marketing of it. But if you choose the SEO, then you will not only be asked for the access but also the permission for doing the changes in your website. The reason is simple. The Google only rank those websites on the top which are utmost in quality. That is why for the SEO the digital marketing agency will make changes in your website and will make it good enough to get ranked on the top.

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