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In the beginning, it was vector graphics and quite underwhelming displays. Then came CGI based games and now finally we have seen the entry of Virtual Reality.

And just like any technology, VR is no longer contained within the entertainment industry. It is quickly moving across all industries and setting its mark. And companies in different industries are eagerly adopting this technology and pioneering the kind of stuff that we only saw in movies.

Thanks to this eager and early adoption and the plummeting prices, VR and AR are rapidly making their way into the market as well as our homes.

Here is a list of the industries that have started to take full advantage of VR’s immersive qualities and making a huge impact on their audience.



VR has established itself as a unique and invaluable tool for the purpose of education. With its ability to create all types of environments, VR is offering the students much more than other traditional counterparts and thus enhancing retention, engagement, and interaction.

Insurance companies are the latest industry that has wholeheartedly accepted VR as one of their most powerful tools.

Insurance companies have now integrated this technology with the training of their new employees. Traditionally, the new staff would be sent to a physical location and taught about different types of accidents. The one problem with it was that space would be limited and there were only so many scenarios that could be taught in that space. That would mean that the new staff would only learn about a few scenarios practically while all the other scenarios would be taught theoretically only. But with the new VR program, insurance companies can now train their entire staff about each and every scenario in an immersive manner. The additional benefit is that it won’t take more space than they already had. This way, their trainees would be more prepared to do their jobs.


Now, you too can enjoy the latest runway shows and fashion trends that you want. Fashion companies are working to give you and others access to traditionally exclusive events by adopting the Virtual Reality experience.

Just think about it. You can be sitting at a fashion show, with celebrities and models sitting next to you, watching the models come out touting the latest in fashion.

The company Dior has even developed its own headset that they are calling “Dior Eyes”. They plan to give their loyal customers a peek at the backstage activity that goes on behind the scene. Viewers will be able to see as Peter Philipps dresses up the models and prepares them for the runway.

VR is set to disrupt the fashion industry in a major way with its capabilities of bringing the most exclusive event to a user’s home anywhere on the planet.


We’ve all been in situations where we booked a hotel room based on the pictures that we saw online, only to be disappointed when we actually set foot in the room. In the website pictures, the room looked more spacious and the view more amazing than reality.

With VR technology making its way into the hospitality industry, viewers will be able to take a virtual tour of the facility before booking anything. They will have a decent idea of what they’re getting for their money’s worth.

A survey conducted by of hotel owners as well as consumers stated that 52% of the people surveyed, predicted that by 2025, virtual reality will have become a major part of the hospitality industry, especially the hotel booking part.


Fitness and wellbeing are not just luxuries anymore. They have become necessary for everyone. Especially for people who have hectic schedules and jobs where they have to sit around all day and do their work.

For many people, fitness usually becomes boring and repetitive. And they start their exercise rituals with a lot of interest, but lose heart in the middle and leave. For others, going to the gym is an experience in self-loathing and self-consciousness and they feel embarrassed by the way they look and never develop the confidence to walk into a gym. Or if they do go, they can’t wait to leave.

VR is creating opportunities for all these people and more by building exciting and engaging ways for them to work out. People not only get their workout done, but they also get to have an immersive experience.

So, for those introverts who would love to work on their bodies, but are shy of working out in front of people, VR is offering the opportunity to get fit right at home.


The idea of a VR headset in every home is still a bit far away. But the changes are coming rapidly and continuously. The technology is fast becoming accessible and affordable for single users and the prediction is that the prices will go down further as sixsigmastudios company works diligently to perfect the experience.

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