Don’t do SEO, Instead of SEO do this! You will start generate Sales Immediately

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Don’t do SEO! Yes, you might be surprised to be of an SEO agency why I am telling you this. Today’s blog, I am going to reveal the biggest secret of my best marketing strategies that you and every business owner should follow only if you want to do crazy business by reaching most potential customers, not spammers into your website.


Question 1: Why you don’t do SEO?

Everybody is crazy about SEO. 95% of people thing, SEO means, my business will now start making money! Yaay!

I say, hey stop there. Don’t waste your time and money on this.

Okay, so why you need SEO? SEO which means: Search Engine Optimization (Yeah I know you know this), it’s a process of step by step method, so Google can index your website, then it understands the information of your website and lastly, it displays your information in Google search results when someone is trying to find something.

Your information will be coming up if the user’s search terms meet the information what he or she is looking for, then your website will be coming up to the Google search results.

Makes sense? Let me give you an example. Like your search “Marketing plan 2021“, this is the search term you are inputting into Google search box. I published a complete marketing plan for your business 2021, and you may see my blog is coming first at top results. Check the image below.

Don't do SEO, Instead of SEO do this! You will start generate Sales Immediately | iNext Web and SEO

So you see? If you or anybody search with that terms, then my website is coming up. Even yours as well. So there is a big chance to get more traffic. But are you sure all those traffics are my clients?

The Answer is NOOOOO! To be honest with you most of the traffic I get from the blog, are the same people like me.

The reality is actual clients, they don’t have tons of time to spend hours on the internet. This logically, If you want to target a Lawyer as a client, do you think with Lawyer type blog will bring you more lawyer clients? No. No. No.

So, you need SEO to make sure your online presence on Google search results or other search engine search results.

Maybe you get the client from it or not, but you will get traffic for sure and most of them are spammers or commenters. Need to prove? okay while I am writing this blog, I got about 1500+ spam comments. Check the screenshot below:

Don't do SEO, Instead of SEO do this! You will start generate Sales Immediately | iNext Web and SEO


Don't do SEO, Instead of SEO do this! You will start generate Sales Immediately | iNext Web and SEO

For customer security, I had to hide their information. I hope you don’t mind it!

Question 2: So How I made the real leads? And what you should do instead of SEO to grow your business?

Straight forward answer: I did Paid ads. So everybody gets scared when heard about PAID ADS! And start to excuse, oh no I don’t have much money for that. Lol.

Actually you don;t need to invest  tons of money. All you need your 10kg brain and know how to use paid ads which will minimize your cost and maximize your return. Like me? I am a small Business Owner and earning $10k to $15k grands a month. Which is fine for me.

But you can earn even more, if you invest more. I did not realize the importance of Paid ads in 2020. But when I invest $3k a month and get revenue $10k and $7k is my profit, then it makes a nice smile on my face!

Trust me, you will do the same like me 🙂 Lol.

So what paid channel I am using. They are: 

  1. Google Ads
  2. Facebook Ads
  3. Adroll

These are the amazing platforms you can also use to grow your business like crazy. All you need to know how to use it but most of business owners don’t know that. So if you need help let me know.

I also made a full marketing plan with perfect budgeting for each plat for you can start on with complete details. If you want to take that PDF, please contact me. I will send it to you.

Question 3: So what you should do? Should not you do SEO anymore?

The answer is yes of course you do SEO. But don’t only relay on SEO. With SEO you must invest money on pad ads network too. Then you will get better results. Which meas more selling or generating more leads fro your business.

For paid ads, I recommend you use Google ads and Facebook for re-targeting and use Adroll for generating your custom audience.

Don't do SEO, Instead of SEO do this! You will start generate Sales Immediately | iNext Web and SEO

There is great  trick here. If you don’t follow this, then your advertise cost will go high with zero return and it is  a big risk for you and even you may get heart attack which I hate.

You can start with $10 a day to test your ads. But make sure you should have all ads materials. What you need for paid ads are following:

  1. Perfect images sizes for each Paid Ads channel
  2. Proper optimize Landing page
  3. Awesome sales script
  4. Focus the problem, what solution you have and how you can fix it with guarantee
  5. Video ads
  6. And last you need with patients

Most of clients they don;t have patients. Remember the big secrete to grow crazy business in online is the Trust!. The more trust you generate the more business you are going to get. And to build online trust you it takes time and you must be patients for this.


So at the end I can finalize it, if you really want to grow your business through online, then don’t do SEO only. With SEO run some paid ads. Trust me this will give you better results in next 90 to 180 days.

Never-mind time is important. Nothing came fast in this world. You have to wait and keep doing what you are dosing with patient. This is how I am building my business and this is how all Multi millionaire build their business. All never came in one day.

I am sure you enjoyed this blog a lot. And for you, I am always open to contact me anytime. If you need any help to grow your business with internet marketing, then feel free to contact me. I love to help. You may contact us here or call my office number: +1 (281) 899-0462

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