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Digital marketing is a trending phenomenon changing the old traditional form of marketing strategies that were based on ‘mouth-to-ear’ system. Though the print media, television, and radio played great roles to change the concepts of marketing the effects is nowhere to compare with the modern IT-based models.

The traditional marketing strategies suffered many limitations in delivering what they were intended to deliver. Some of the limiting factors include non-definition of the target audience, lack of an effective channel to reach the target audience, inability to know and deliver what customers needed, and lack of proper tools to know, react, and address customers’ feelings about the products and services they offer.

Today, the advent of Information Technology which gave birth to digital marketing has changed all that. Industries, corporations, entrepreneurs and the small businesses have migrated in droves to the current wave of digitalized marketing strategies.

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is an online-based marketing strategy encompassing all known marketing efforts using electronic internet as a pivot to derive algorithmic results.  Today, digital marketing optimally key into the opportunities provided by many digital channels such as search engines optimization (SEO), social media, email, live chat, and their websites to keep track with current customers and prospect for potential ones. But to be visibly present in the digital forum and feasibly operate digitally workable platforms, well-mapped out digital marketing strategies need to be in place.

What is a digital marketing strategy?

A digital marketing strategy is a well thought out marketing plan that adopts and adapt all tested and proven insights from every department within a company to design and implement cognate brand communications across all available digital channels. The available channels include the company’s website, search engine, social media, email, live chat, and paid search. The effort of a digital marketing unit is geared towards achieving the best provable results from all available digital channels.

Here are 10 secrets of successful digital marketing strategies.

1. Marketing Strategy Team

The digital marketing strategy should be an all-encompassing model. All units and departments of the company from the top down the line should be involved. Since the general goal of a company is unison, all teams across the marketing organization, the agencies, and sales and the HR must come together as a fresh team to drive the digital marketing strategy goals. A conglomerate of voices right from the decision makers down the lather must be assigned responsibilities to show who is responsible, involve, support, accountable and informed.

It helps specify five levels of involvement, showing who responsible, accountable, supporting, consulting, and informing.

2. Be focus, and focus well

It is very accurate for a company’s digital market strategy to be very ambitious init planning and execution. But the ambition of the company investors should not be allowed to drive the boat of the company’s too hard. It is imperative to focus on the digital market strategy plan and measure all the tools that make for its implementation. Overriding turn-bolting a digital market plan before it is well tested and stabilized could affect the efficiency of the digital marketing team. A stable and carefully nurtured marketing strategy delivers a better result.

3. Be human

One golden rule of digital marketing strategy is to understand that you are dealing humans who are who are only smoke-screened by digital applications. You may be operating any tool or platform, but remember that people still expect the human aspect of your operations. Keep your audience connected and engaged with helpful information, personal interactions, and sincere conversation. This is the human phase of digital marketing strategies which your audience constantly expect to have. In the word of Jay Baer; “Marketing is all about creativity, humanity, and authenticity”. You need to give it all.

4. Look and act beyond shadowy metrics

Many marketers always miss the fact that large views do not mean large shares! Generating massive content does count for massive delivery of purpose. You may have a lot of likes and views which does not actually translate to any noticeable result on the company.  If care is not taken, the massive the content, quality begins to nose-dive. Move away from this vainglory and move to result-driven level metrics.

5. Create impactful and memorable stories

What you say may not count saying it in a unique and memorable way may make a huge impact for a lifetime loyalty. When you create and sustain memorable moments for your brand, customers remain loyal to the brand. Telling a story in a different moving manner creates a long-lasting impression.

6. Digital Marketing Tools

Marketing strategy works according to plan only by using the right tools. Operating with the right tools make the jobs much easier and the right apps allow for digitally information and data. Great market strategists know how to choose the right tools the company requires.

Digital marketing strategy tools are never an all-in-all thing. The goals, specific needs, target audience, are some factors that determine the right tool for choose. It is important to remember that, no matter how perfect the digital marketing tools are, they still need to be understood, driven, and interpreted by staff.

7. Digital marketing metrics

It is not just enough to embrace all tools and apps that available for digital marketing because there is a whole load of them. What matter most is constantly measure the value and relevance of each tool measure against result it produces? Tools are all about result delivery and are in complete relation revenue and goals of the company.

8. Internal build-up

On common mistake many companies make is overlooking what they have when building digital marketing team or social media team. One voice from a department or unit of the company can change the fortune of the company. Dig-deep within, there are those that can cause a digital marketing stir with fresh ideas. It is then necessary to constantly refresh either the digital team or the social media team for optimal result.

9. Human resources

The impact of human resources is hardly considered as a vital marketing strategy by many analysts. Each too and all the marketing tools that may be employed to drive the marketing strategies of a company are human-dependent. The good and bad of any digital marketing strategies plan is a sign of success or failure of the human drivers. Hence, the first digital marketing ‘tool’ is human resources.

A good car driven badly by an inexperienced driver will either end up crashing or kaput. Similarly, a well-packaged digital marketing plan needs to be driven by well-trained, qualified, and result-driven staff. Training, improvement training, digital marketing training, and other digital orientations should be targeted making the staff to achieve the optimum quality in service delivery. Make sure you hire the best digital marketing company like iNext web and SEO solutions to handle your digital marketing needs.

10. Revaluation and re-strategizing

Another important digital marketing strategy that is always overlooked is the aspect of constant revaluation and re-strategizing. As it is common of all operations, partial or total failure is not absolutely immutable. A digital marketing company should always revalue its digital plan strategies if running on the same rail with the set goals of the company.

This is to measure the input of resources against result output. The result of revaluation will prompt the digital marketing plan team to re-strategize, either to re-formulate the ailing plan by making amendment where necessary or by holistically flush out the plan and replaced with a more trusted one.


Digital marketing strategies basically demand constant review and forecasting as to see and know what’s coming in terms of new product, technology, or new trend that may add value to your company. Reaching out to test new ideas, while creating new ideal, and openness to experiment are ingredients that will work well for the actualization of any digital marketing pan strategies.


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