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Custom WordPress Theme & Plugin Development.

We specialist in custom Genesis theme and WordPress plugin development. If you’re looking for a custom WordPress theme that runs on the Genesis framework or you need some extra functionality building into a plugin, then we can help.


What to Expect

  • Efficient Code that Meets Standards

We always strive to write my code in the most efficient and best way possible. We do this to improve the performance of anything we build and keep things running as smoothly as possible. We always follow the WordPress coding standard and document my code as much as possible.



  • Accessibility

When building custom WordPress themes or plugins, We always stick to website accessibility standards, and use all the latest techniques to make this happen. This means that anyone will be able to use your custom theme or plugin, including people with disabilities.

  • Modern Technology

When building custom WordPress themes for the Genesis framework, or plugins, We use a very modern and efficient workflow to speed up the process. We use tools such as SASS, Grunt and GitHub.

  • Genesis Child Theme

When building a custom WordPress theme, We will always build it as a child theme to the Genesis framework. Running the Genesis framework on your sites gives you the benefit of a great theme foundation.



  • Mobile Ready

Every custom theme, or output from a WordPress plugin, will be built to be responsive. This means that your new theme or plugin will look great on devices of any size.

  • Cross Browser Compatibility

With there being such a variety of browsers out there, it’s important that this is taken into consideration. We will make sure that all custom themes and plugins work great on all major browsers.