Steps For Pushing Bad Reviews Out Of Google Search Results

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You cannot outright remove bad reviews online, but you can do the next best thing.  This is to bury them in the search results.  If you have some bad reviews you want to hide, there are a few steps you should take to accomplish this.

Steps For Pushing Bad Reviews Out Of Google Search Results | iNext Web and SEO

Have A Plan For Attacking Negative Keywords

Keyword authority is important when it comes to search results.  When you do not have any control over your keywords, negative search results sneak in.  If there is any negative content associated with your business name, you need to proactively outnumber it.

To do this, you first need to know about all of the negative keywords.  You should then create some positive content that use these keywords.  This guide from is very good. Over time, you will replace the negative results with the positive ones.  This will help you regain control of your online reputation and bury the negative results.

Claim And Manage Public Profiles

If you have any public profiles for your business, you need to claim them and manage them correctly.  You should have a social media account for both your business and your professional persona.  Open a Google My Business account, have a business page on Facebook and set up as many online listings for your business as possible.

Social media accounts such as Instagram and Twitter will help you to manage and take charge of your brand.  The more online profiles you have and claim, the better your online authority.  These accounts will also beat other content in the search results with making them a win-win solution.

You can take all of this a step further and join some forums or communities related to your industry.  These accounts can be used to create newer and more accurate information related to your brand and professional persona.  When you do this, you will start to bury any negative comments.

Comment Publicly

You need to publicly comment on social media, forums, and industry blogs.  Think about joining Quora and comment on relevant topics as often as possible.  These comments will show up in the search engines and help place you as an authority on the subject.  You should also look at commenting on neighboring companies’ social media posts in a positive and supportive manner.  This will help people see your business as friendly and approachable.

It is important to remember that everything you say online can be traced.  When you comment or post anywhere, you need to censor yourself a little.  Post only intelligent and well-written content about your industry and do not become petty.

Issue A Press Release When You Do Something Newsworthy

One of the tried and tested ways to be mentioned in the media is through a press release.  Some caution does need to be used and you should not issue a press release every time something happens in your business.  You should only do this with an event that is newsworthy.

A new piece of equipment in your business can be exciting, but it does not really need a full press release.  Instead, you should look at creating new ways to bring interest to your business.  The goal of all marketing campaigns is to generate buzz.

You can do this with a clever social media campaign or by running a contest.  When you do this, you should be realistic with your media coverage expectations.  You are unlikely to get the coverage you want because you hope for it.  To get press hits for newsworthy events you have to send out a well-written press release to those best-suited to get the information.  Doing this can drive down the negative search results because of the authority of the media outlets.

Link Promotions To Priority Pages

The best way to manage what shows up in the Google search results is to know how Google chooses what to show.  One of the factors that affect this is linking.  The number and authority of the links a site gets will help search engines determine credibility.  The more high authority links you get to your pages, the better it is viewed.  Ideally, you will want to get these links organically, but this is not always possible.

In these situations, you can add the links yourself.  Use your socials media accounts and community pages to link to the high-priority pages on your website.  This will increase the authority of the page and will improve their ranking driving down the negative results.

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